grant guidelines




Sherwood Trust makes investments in Organization Grants that strengthen nonprofits or Community Grants that meet unmet needs in a neighborhood or community.

All Sherwood Trust grants are subject to the guidelines below and additional guidelines relevant to the type of grant.

To be eligible, all grant requests must:

  • Build the capacity of organizations or communities in the Walla Walla Valley, defined as extending from Dayton, Washington to Milton-Freewater, Oregon.
  • Benefit tax-exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; Sherwood Trust does not make grants to individuals.

In addition, Sherwood Trust prefers:

  • When possible, Sherwood Trust prefers to participate with other donors to avoid funding a major portion of the amount to be raised.
  • Sherwood Trust may encourage matching funds by the applicant.  If so, matching funds means future cash contributions from others; it excludes pledges of future support and any form of debt financing, whether direct or indirect, as a source of matching funds.
  • Sherwood Trust discourages frequent annual grant requests from any given nonprofit organization; there should be at least two intervening years between subsequent grant proposals.
  • Sherwood Trust does not favor grant applications from nonprofit organizations with external debt that will survive the grant request.
  • Sherwood Trust does not favor grant applications from nonprofit organizations with significant financial losses in recent years.
  • Sherwood Trust prefers to fund organizations established with competent management and a proven history in managing similar programs.  A start-up program by a start-up organization is unlikely to qualify for support.